James Harden and Tony Parker playing one on one at the AT&T HTC One X #dontmiss shoot.

James Harden and Tony Parker at the AT&T HTC One X #dontmiss shoot.

One of my images for the “Meet Your Match” campaign being featured on the Windows phone site.
Vouch Mag using one of my images for there article about lead designer Hieu Luong.
One of my images being used to introduce the “Meet Your Match” campaign for the new Windows 8 phone.
The new homepage at C9 featuring  images  I’ve shot for them over the past few years.

Fun to see the images I shot for JBL being used all over the net.

Great to see the new AIS website with all the new images I shot for them.

An outtake from a Sony camera project I shot last year. Nothing like summer time in southern California.

The ads are starting to come out for an on-going project I’m working on with Microsoft called Work Wonders. Excited to see more from these projects coming out over the next few months.